Shipyard Delfzijl

Formerly Hunfeld BV, your total yard in Delfzijl

Herman Hunfeld took over in 1955 the Shipyard Blauw, situated at the Damsterdiep in Delfzijl and continued it as Mach. Fabriek and Shipyard Hunfeld.

In 1970, the company moved to its current location at the Eemskanaal in Delfzijl, equipped with a larger transverse slope and a modern assembly hall, because due to the increase in scale, the larger ships could no longer pass the locks and bridges in the Damsterdiep sailing route.

From 1980, Herald Hunfeld continued the yard as owner/director. Later with his son René Hunfeld, also director-owner of Nautische Unie and Rozema Coatings.

Because René Hunfeld wanted to focus on this latter companies, Hunfeld Sr. and jr. decided to transfer the entire shipyard from January 2018 to Mr. H. K. Leeuw, retired teacher at the higher maritime school.

Together with Louis Hijlkema as interim director, former owner of Shipyard Hijlkema and Waarschip Werf, Mr. Leeuw’s commitment is to continue the company in a sustainable way.
In addition to a number of smaller sustainable adjustments, a so-called small wind turbine (cap. 38,000 Kwh on an annual basis) was installed on the yard site in 2019 for its own use, which will also be supplied to third parties as a turnkey project via the company Leone Energy Systems, which was set up for this purpose.