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Shipyard Delfzijl

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Shipyard Delfzijl

Shipyard Delfzijl is a compact and flexible shipyard for all types of ships. For example; small fishing vessels, dredgers, inland shipping vessels, charterships, etc can come to us for maintenance and repair.

Our shipyard

With our transverse slope we can dock ships with a maximum length of 81 metre, draught 3.10 meters and 1010 tons of weight. The long slope can dock ships of about 20 metre length with a maximum weight of 55 tons. We also have two quays, respectively 110 meters and 85 meters.

Shipyard Delfzijl

is Sustainable

We generate our own energy with a windmill of our sister company Leone Energy Systems. This means that the work on our shipyard can be carried out in a sustainable, responsible manner.