Newbuild small Workboats

After takeover the yard, the plan was also conceived to invest in the development and construction of small workboats.

This new construction series is, both in terms of the hull as well the propulsion and techn. systems, modular build up.

This makes it flexible, with many standard versions, to respond to the wishes of the clients with a market-technically good price.

Our challenge; deliver a ship that can meets the new requirements set by the government and society for years and can operate functionally in the various sailing areas.

(Hybrid) Drive

For propulsion, an axleless ring motor is an option.

The designer of the ring generators that are used in our small windmills (see Leone Energy Systems BV) has developed a so-called shaftless ring motor based on the same technique, which is used in submarines, among other things.

There is a cooperation agreement to develop such a drive with a suitable power for our project.